* 24. 6. 2014 - 2 black male, 2 black female, 1 brown female (all puppies are in new homes)
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The combination of health, character and an interesting origin with a preservation of an excellent exterior!

Coefficient of Inbreeding (this value is low) 4.5286% (DVIN)

BH, IPO 1, ZTP SG 1A, cardio-neg. (12/2013), HD-A
vWD-clear, eye test-neg., color D/d
Photos of Capone in the gallery.

BH, IPO 2, ZTP SG 1A, cardio-neg. (12/2013), HD-A
vWD-clear, eye test-neg., DNA DCM-neg.
Champion CZ, Juniorchampion CZ, res.CACIB

Since I would like to keep Aminas puppies, I decided to mate her in spring 2014. M y aim is not to get rich through this, but to get a superior Doberman, about whom I would know his history, ancestors, health and character. I have been choosing the father of the puppies for a very long time. First and foremost I wanted an interesting non relative pedigree, in the ideal case for most of the dogs in Europe, health, longevity of the ancestors and the character of a real Dobermann. The dog should also fulfill my requirements on the exterior, which is a body composition with a straight firm back, a good angle, superior fell and a male head. At first I wanted to use an old pedigree breeding male, but unfortunately none of them is fertile and that’s why I decided to find a "younger" dog.

Ataraxie´s Capone - 5 year-old male, medium-sized, a balanced character, with a significant predatory instinct and a good nose. At this point he passed the IPO 1 and ZTP exams (SG 1A) and his owner prepares him for exams of a higher level. Capone comes from a very good match of Donak von der Sonnenleite and MC Performance Caludette.
Donak is the father of several good working individuals, f.e. Ataraxie´s BigBen – World Champion IDC 2013, Frieda v.Warringhof - Körung ZVA 1A. A leads line of Xandro v. Grenzturm, whose ancestors are excellent working dogs, which went down in the breeding history: Bingo v. Ellendok and Ali v.Langenhorst. Donak passed IPO 2, FH 2, ZTP 1A exams and his health examinations HD-A, eye examinations neg. and cardio neg. (1/2011). He died in 2011 at the age of 10 of an infection in pet hospital.
The mother of Capone Claudette leads the line of a legendary breeding kennel of working Dobremans v.d. Weyermühle and Mooreiche. He passed the highest performance exams IPO 3, SchH 3, AD, ZTP 1A and the results of the health examinations HD-A, ED-0, eye examinations neg., cardio neg. (2013). He is still in a very good condition.
Capone is a relative of Ilo v.d. Weyermühle - SchH 3, AD, Körung 1A, HD-A (10 years-old), who breeds to the already mentioned Bingo v.Ellendonk - IPO 3, SchH 3, Körung ZVA 1A, German Work Champion etc.
Capones known siblings:
Casanova - IPO 3, AD, ZTP 1A, HD-A, vWD-clear, eye test neg., cardio - neg. (1/2013)
Caipirinha - BH, HD-A, ED-0, vWD-clear, eye test neg.
Cubalibre - HD-A, ED-0, vWD-clear, eye test neg., cardio-neg.

Ch. Amina od Démona - 6 year-old bitch, my own litter, which I am in all ways and means satisfied with. She is a medium-high female, very elegant with a strong dog personality. On shows she won the Champion title of the young and adults. Her passed exams are IPO 2 and ZTP 1A. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time right now, so that I could prepare her for races, as I did with her mother, with whom I participated even in The Doberman World Championship. Amina is a very good tracker with a very good nose, a tireless retriever, point-black in defense with an excellent bite. In some ways she has a very atavistic behavior (f.e. when killing a quarry). She is balanced, social, and tolerant towards other animals and an excellent guard dog. She is very temperament, calm at home and controllable. To me she represents an ideal of a working Dobermann with an excellent exterior. Everything you need to know about Amina you find here and about her siblings here.

Her father, Citto v.d. Wudritz, was a medium-high dog, with a typical exterior and the Mooreiche character. He was a very hard and self-confidant Dobermann. It was a great pleasure working with him and till nowadays he is one of the last real Dobermans. Here you find out more about Citto. After the training he returned back to the US to his owner. He underwent cardio examinations on a yearly basis (Holter, Echo) with a negative result. Unfortunately, he died at age of 9 of a shock after a spleen removal (the autopsy showed that the tumor on the spleen was benign) but unfortunately we failed to save his life. Citto passed IPO 3, AD, BH, CGC and TDI exams and his health examination results were: HD-A, VwD - clear, Eyes-clear, Thyroid - norm., cardio-neg., DNA DCM - neg.his pedigree is full of excellent working dogs from all over Europe.
Her mother Lessi Extra Moravák was a very good working and show dog – a multichampion, the winner of the Special dobermann show and many others. Her passed exams were IPO 3, Fpr.3, ZTP 1A, participant on WCH IDC. You’ll find more information here. here. At her age of 8 I had to put her to sleep, because the difficulties she had, caused by the Leishmania illness she became infected most probably in Italy were for a dignified life unbearable. Two months before her death she had negative cardiac results (LMU Munich). Her siblings had various working and exhibition successes (participation in World Championships, National Competition and Champions). Lessi led from her mother’s side the czech legendary kennel Bobrava (through Herta Marion - sister IDC part. Hasan Marion - Corina Marion, whose father was Hasan Bobrava).
Aminas known siblings:
Anubis - Champion CZ + SK, IPO 2, ZVV 1, BH, ZTP SG 1A, HD-A, DNA DCM-neg., thyroid-norm., dopller-norm.
Agonia - a guide dog, DNA DCM - neg., VWD carrier, Hips OFA good, eyes - clear, thyroid - norm.
Arsena - vWD - clear, elbows - normal, Hips OFA good, echo - norm., eyes - clear
Afina - WAC, CGC, TDI, vWD clear, HD-A, DNA DCM-neg., echo - norm., Holter-neg. 0 VPS

The combination of Capone x Amina leads to (4/4) a male Puma v.d. Mooreiche - SchH 3, Körung ZVA 1A, HD-A (11 years). There is a very low relative breeding - only 4.5286% according to DVIN.

Both parent´s origin is a FREE dog line: Prinz v.Nordem Stamm - A litter del Citone (Gino Gomez del Citone) - Baron Nike Renewal (Fedor del Nasi), T litter iz Slavnoi Stai, furthermore Nitro del Rio Bianco! For this reason, their origin is very interesting from a genetic breeding sites, because 90% of litters in Europe are descendants of the above male and female.

If you are interested in in reserving a puppy or you have further questions, please contact me at e-mail: Lucie.demon@gmail.com


Ataraxie´s Capone
HD-A, cardio-free (12/2013)
vWD-clear, thyroid-norm.
Donak v.d. Sonnenleite
IPO 2, FH 2, ZTP SG 1A
HD-A, cardio-free (1/2011)
eyes-clear, vWD-clear
Jotunheim's Pegrim
HD-B, eyes-clear, vWD-carrier
Ilo v.d. Weyermühle
SchH 3, FH, AD
Körung ZVA 1A, HD-A
Cila von Fürstenfeld
SchH 1, ZTP, vWD-clear, HD-A
Azzra v. d. Sonnenleite
IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 2
Xandro vom Grenzturm
IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 2
Caltha vom Dellwiger Schloss
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 2, ZTP, HD-B
MC Performance Claudette‘s
SchH 3, IPO 3, ZTP 1A
vWD-clear, HD-A
cardio-free (2013)
Goliath v. d. Krillenburg
Jerry v. d. Burg Litermont
SchH 1, AD, ZTP, HD-B
Jotunheim's Hergerd
SchH 3, AD, HD-B
Maggie v. d. Krillenburg
Puma v.d. Mooreiche
SchH 3, AD, HD-A, Körung ZVA 1A
Odett v.d. Schwellenburg
SchH 1, ZTP, HD-A
Ch. Amina od Démona

Champion CZ, Champion SK
Juniorchampion CZ
Best junior, res.CACIB
HD-A, eyes-clear, vWD-clear
cardio-free (12/2013)
DNA DCM-neg., thyroid-norm.
Citto v.d. Wudritz
HD-A, cardio-free
vWD-clear, thyroid-norm.
Normen v. Teufelsblut
IPO 3, SchH 3, FH, HD-A
Gero v.d. Mooreiche
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH
2x vice D.V. work winner
Sarah v. Deister
Wendy v.d. Mooreiche
SchH 3, IPO 3, ZTP 1A
Puma v.d. Mooreiche
SchH 3, ZVA, HD-A
Melissa v.d. Mooreiche
SchH 3
Ch. Lessi Extra Moravák
IPO 3, FPr. 3, ZTP 1A
part. IDC WCH 2006
HD-A, eyes-clear, cardio-free
Ich. Como Jivono di Matario
Ich. Jivago v.h.Wantij
Ich. Ono Roayl Bell
ZTP 1A, SchH 1, HD-A
Herta Marion
Ich. Larson v.Frankenland
ZTP, IPO 3, SchH 3, HD-A
Corina Marion