* 8. 2. 2015 (3 females, 2 males - all black and white) - actual pictures here

A connection aimed at a character, health and an interesting origin with maintaining an outstanding appearance.

Champion of the Czech republic, Champion of Slovakia
Danubius winner - best female in the breed
on Special terriers show SK
National winner, BOB, BIG - 5th place, 2 x CACIB
exp. Grandchampion SK, Interchampion, Sampion CMKU
PL 0/0, LOA/SCA/PLL - N/N (clear), fox hunting exam

Champion of Austria and Slovenia, Jr. champion of Slovenia
Bundessieger 2013, ÖKV Show winner
4 x BOB, 2 x CACIB
World dogshow 2013 - Ex.2 res.CAC
exams BH, BGH 2, SJG test
PL 0/0, LOA/SCA/PLL - N/N (clear), DNA

I have always admired Fira for her unchained and brave character. The destiny wants it and I got the little puppy as a gift in spring 2013. Since then we have been through the beauty championship, chasing exam and had a wonderful time ever since. So now it is time to plan some puppies. I am not a typical breeder, who would have a litter every spring or would only consider the money. I am interested in the breed and in the breeding as such. The mating dog has to fulfill mainly huge requirements regarding his character and working usage and also has to be healthy with a very good pedigree. An outstanding exterior is a huge bonus. The aim is to rare healthy Russells with premises not even for hunting, cynological sports, exhibitions, but mainly for being a dear friend for people, who have an active life style. That’s why I chose the below mentioned "groom" for my Fira, who is guided as a sport dog:

Ch. Lakeside Fellow´s Abracadabra - 3 year- old dog, 33 cm tall with an outstanding body, slightly broken. Abracadabra is a very temperament and balanced dog, who has significant hunting instincts. He passed the character test at PRTCD and the courage test for hunting a wild boar at the PRTCD. Without any problems he passed the companion dog BH exam and obedience exams BGH 1 and BGH 2. He is the perfect representative of a versatile dog. He is also very successful at exhibitions - Champion of Austria, Winner of the ÖKV Show, Bundessieger.
The father of Abracadabra, Ch.Snow Wolf's True Grit -is an import from the USA, is a working and a hunting dog.He is an AKC champion and the Champion of Poland and a certified breeding male. His pedigree is a match of the excellent kennels - Snow Winds (US) and Barsetta (UK).
Abracadabra´s mother, CWN Annwfn Britannia, has her origin from the kennel, which is intended to a work usage of the terrier in hunting. He leads the line of outstanding British working dogs.

Ch. Fira Fayette Mondriaan - 3 year old female came to me by accident and has awoken my interest in this amazing breed. Since I own working Dobermanns I was absolutely amazed by her personality and also the by the fact that she can be an adequate partner for the "crazy" Dobermann. Fira is a middle tall bitch, with a compact body and a beautiful head with strong jaw and a very good hair. Since the day I have owned her a have gained huge success on shows. Unfortunately since I spend a lot of time with my Dobermann and I am not a hunter and my priority is sport cynology, I didn’t have time to enlarge Fira´s work potential. We have "only" passed the Czech fox hunting exam with full points. My plan is to prepare Fira for the international exam in contact fox hunting in 2015. Fira is very temperament, dominant and very rough towards wildlife. Apart from, she is dirigible and obedient. She has no difficulties with hurdles (but I find agility slightly boring...), or to perform any obedience training, or with just being an amazing company, whose heart beats for me only. She has a very strong character. You can find out more about Fire in here .
Fira´s father, Ch. Pantheer Creek Pinto has his origin in a well-known American kennel that has raised many beauty champions. Pinto was an European Winner in the youth class, Club Winner, junior champion and he passed the fox hunting exam with full points. He leads the Pantheer Creek, Brillwood and Howlbeck line. Fira´s mother, Axia Sonix, leads the British line: Mindlen, through an outstanding labor dog Lancilot dei Pianacci and Reynwood through Ch. Clark von der Heulisse.

To whom is Parson "Od Demona" aimed?
To people with an active life-style, who are interested in the breed, are up to no good and have a sense of humor. Puppies will have the precondition of outstanding terrier characters and will be suitable for any type of training, whether hunting, agility, rescuing, or just a nice company and a friend for walks in the nature. An unbeatable temperament and a huge hunting instinct is rooted up to generations. And on exhibitions they will not embarrass you with their appearance, either. On the contrary. If you are not a person with an active life-style, please, don't buy yourself a parson. It's a very sprightly breed with a never-ending good mood in combination with loads of fooleries. With a parson "Od Demona" you can never get bored, but if he gets bored with you and will not be amused by a sport, hunting or walks in the nature, he will show you in the worst way possible.

What do I offer the "Od Demona" owners?
First and foremost, a fair-play from my side. I will help you with the presentation of your dog and everything else I will know or I will make a reference to competent people. I am not the type of a breeder, who would lay claim to his breeding or would force the owners to anything. Once you take the puppy over, it will be healthy, fully socialized and vaccinated.

If you are interested in a reservation, or you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: Lucie.demon@gmail.com


Ch. Lakeside Fellow´s Abracadabra
Champion A,Bundessieger
BH, BGH 1, BGH 2
test of courage for a wild boar, character test
PL-0/0, PLL-LOA-SCA-clear
Ch. Snow Wolf´s True Grit

Champion AKC, PL
fox hunting exam
33 cm, PLL/LOA/SCA-clear
Ch. Snow Wolf´s Animosh

PL-0/0, LOA-SCA clear
Ch.Snow Winds Zipper
Ch. Snow Winds Clarabella
Ch. Snow Winds Bellissima
Ch. Barsetta Beauford
Ch. Snow Winds Clarabella
CWN Annwfn Britannia
Ayax vom Münsterland

PL 0/0, Baueignungsprüfung, Saujäger
Rushill Ben
Kingsway Maggie
Gwragged Annwn Sonata Arctica

JP(PRTCD, Wasserprüfung (HU), PL-0/0
Ch. Cameron van't Geystersveld
Gwragged Annwn Britannia
Ch. Fira Fayette Mondriaan

Champion CZ, Champion SK
Danubius winner, National winner
fox hunting exam
PL-0/0, PLL-LOA-SCA-clear
Jch. Panther Creek Pinto

European jr.winner
PL-0/0, PLL-neg., fox hunting exam
Ch. Rymshott Hey Look Thats Me
Ratscalion How Dare Yer
Ch. Howlbeck Tagzy
Panther Creek White Trash
Ch. Brillwood Tanto Tempo
Panther Creek Bonnie
Axia Sonix
Lancilot dei Pianacci

fox hunting exams
Mindlen Brown Owl
Ara Tanenbruck
Ch. Clark von der Heulisse
Champion CZ, SK, A
Hexi von Schlos Tanbach